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The Awaken Feeling Project

Discover The Medicine

Ecstatic Dance, Somatic & Holistic Healing

"Between the head and feet of any given person
is a billion miles of unexplored wilderness."

-Gabrielle Roth


Ecstatic Dance Agreements

1. Allow Yourself to be Open

Focus on how you feel, not on how you look. Your openness could inspire others to do the same.

2. No Talking During Dance

Keep dance floor verbal conversation free, other than to give consent. Non-verbal sounds are encouraged. Hum, chant, sing, clap, etc.

3. Consent is Key

Get verbal or non-verbal consent before touching or dancing with anyone, even if they are moving through difficult emotions. If it is not a clear yes, it's a no. 

4. No Phones

Ecstatic dance can and should be a very vulnerable space. Please refrain from photography/videography to respect the privacy of this sacred space.

5. Take Care of Yourself

Drink water, breathe, and take things at your own pace. Listen to your body and take breaks as needed. 

6. Be of Clear Mind

We dance sober to experience the true essence of our spirits in motion. 

How to Prepare for a Dance

What to Bring:

-Blanket/Yoga Mat 


-Refillable Water Bottle

-Journal and Pen (Optional)

- Sacred Item for Altar (Optional)

What to Wear:

-Lots of layers, to put on or take off. 

- Something comfy, something you can move in freely. Something fun if you want, something that makes you feel good. 

- Socks if you want, we dance without shoes 

Something to Note:

- This is a sober practice, to experience the raw wholeness of your being, without any mind-altering substances. Please, participate with a clear mind. 

About Us

Partners in life and growth, Sofia and Halle started Awaken Feeling CLE to answer the call of coming together and sharing their individual gifts in a way that uplifts their community and the collective. They both share many passions but once the medicine of dance & somatic healing found it’s way into their lives, it became immediatley clear they were being called to share it.

Together this pair seeks to create and hold safe and sacred spaces where people can build community, feel free to be vulnerable and welcome the entire spectrum of human emotion without fear of judgement. Not teachers of these practices, rather co-creators of the experiences, and students of the experiences themselves. Also the eyes and ears to make sure everyone is staying safe and comfortable throughout their journey. They are truly ecstatic themselves to have the opportunity to share these spaces where everyone has the chance to learn so much about themselves, reconnect with themselves on deeper levels and feel safe and held while working through anything that comes up for them through these practices.

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